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Week of 3 January, 2010

Sunday, January 3

I would have been content to stay home, but Mei really wanted to go to the gym. I am not a big gym fan myself and I didn’t want to “work” on my vacation so I joined her at the gym and read my magazine.

Monday, January 4

Mei had the day off today. She explained this only after I woke her up in a panic at 7:15. In the afternoon I joined her for a visit to the DMV, where I had this conversation with the DMV lady:

“Good afternoon! I’d like to exchange my California driver’s license for a New York driver’s license.”

“It is very cold out.”

“Yes, it is very cold today.”

“Are you sure?”

. . . “Oh! Yes, I’m sure. Well, I grew up in Chicago.”

“About the same.”

We’ll be representing the Empire State in one to two weeks.

Tuesday, January 5

I watched Google unveil the Nexus One. That is a pretty bad-ass phone. I checked but I’m not eligible to purchase one yet through T-Mobile. Joe said the only service plan they offer with the bundle is $80/mo, which is ridiculous. He ordered the $500 unlocked version, because then he could sign up for a $60/mo plan, and come out ahead after two years without a commitment.

I am paying $55/mo now for data and voice and 500 SMS, and I think that is too much money. I got on a rant about how I really don’t care much for phones, but a magic device is sure nifty. I did a little more research into going full-on data, maybe even just at wifi hot spots, and then using VoIP, or a calling plan with no minutes. It looks like Google’s already thinking that way, and acquired Gizmo5 last November, and in time they will relaunch that as a VoIP portal thingy tied to Google Voice. Which would save a hypothetical me from futzing about with DIDs and a SIP client and other stuff I don’t really understand.

Got some work done. Mei went to bed early due to illness, and I ended up playing Cities XL rather late. Right now the game crashes after 40 minutes or so, so I play for half-hour rounds. They seem to be aware of the issue and will hopefully fix it soon. I started laying out bus routes, which is kind of a neat feature, but that gave me insomnia so I had to get back out of bed at 1AM and re-align my bus routes.

Yes, I am a huge dork.

Wednesday, January 6

“Once I had a woman
With a face so pretty and fine
But she couldn’t make that pudding shake
So I left that girl behind” –Guy Davis

Since the wind chill was up near 20, I rode my bike over to Atlantic for my orthodontist appointment. It was a neat place with National Geographic nature films projected on the wall of the waiting area, with a separate soundtrack of some intense yet relaxing drumming. The work area was this sort of modernist slate and smoked glass nightmare, and the Orthodontist himself seemed disgusted and amused that I brought him the mold from the San Francisco dentist for a plaster cast of my jaw. “I prefer digital.”

He started explaining a bunch of orthodontic jargon that I could parse somewhat, and then he explained a bit more. I figure he’s more of a I-like-animals-let-me-realign-your-teeth person more than a people person, which is fine with me. He is hoping to conclude the treatment before a total of two years.

On the way back I bought a hanging plant, which rode home in the bicycle basket. Now it sits above the monitor.

Cities are like coral reefs: a hard, growing structure that provides habitat for fancifully fragile and unique inhabitants.

Some of those inhabitants protect themselves with poison.

Thursday, January 7

I was up early and rode the bike down to the Tea Lounge, which at 7am was a ghost town.

Friday, January 8

A productive day at work. Afterwards I took Mei up to a restaurant called Bunny Chow. Bunny chow is a South African cuisine of curry served in a bread loaf, which served as a take-out container for laborers during Apartheid. The restaurant was small and seemed to be run by people taking it easy. Many menu items were out of stock, but what we ate was tasty.

It had no Yelp review, so mine was the first. Three stars.

Saturday, January 9

A quiet day, as Mei prepared for an overnight shift.

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