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Google Latitude on the G1

Google Latitude was announced yesterday. I was annoyed as heck that when I tried it on my G1 it said “coming soon” even though Google claimed it was supported on the G1 . . . well, pending an update that would roll “soon” . . . and of course there’s no way to contact the Google Latitude team to say WTF?!

I found a link to a T-Mobile message forum that said the update was rolling out gradually: some people have been updated, and others will receive their updates over the next two weeks. Two weeks? I want it now!! And I am not the only one. Waiting is for suckers, so I borrowed a mini-USB cable from a co-worker and upgraded my phone manually, thanks to these awesome instructions:


Note: The “End” key means the red “call end / power” button.

In the time it took to write those two paragraphs, my G1 updated itself and now I can go play with Google Latitude!

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Categories: Featured, News and Reaction, Technical, Technology

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