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“Nihao” Kitty


I have to give a shout out to this web site which provides both word translations and illustrated explanations of characters. 谢谢! I forgot about the pinyin while drawing this with the pencil, and when I went to sneak it in the right-hand corner I did it in pen right off the bat. After scanning, I used Gimp to clean up a few lines and to re-draw the left half of the 猫. Funny enough, the left half of the character, which means “cat” was a bit larger and looked like it was part of kitty-chan herself. So, I re-drew it smaller in Gimp.

And I skipped the English translation since it was somewhat obvious.

你好 == ni(3)hao(3) == hello
猫 == mao(1) == cat
å’ª == mi(1) == meow
猫咪 == mao(1)mi(1) == kitty

Best I can tell, if you inquired about 你好 猫咪 in China people would be puzzled, since around the world this Japanese emissary of cuteness and love is known by her English name: “Hello Kitty”.

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