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Budget Cuts

Budget Cuts

Welcome to the recession. My employer has reduced the budget. We will maintain a constant headcount but need to reduce discretionary spending. We’ll keep serving bagels on Friday mornings, but no more fancy salmon dill red bell pepper pesto “lite” cream cheese.

All the same, while I can enjoy Philly Cream Cheese-“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”? Haha! 1980s flashback spread!

Mainly, I am happy and lucky to be in a pretty decent position to ride out this downturn with my income intact. Though, I have a nice cushion in the bank just-in-case. If I do find myself unemployed I may move out of my place and hit the road for several months.

On a less jovial note, the remains of a bookstore I recently saw in the Inner Sunset:

Sudden Closure

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  • Which bookstore is that?

  • Andrew,

    Damn I wish I knew. It may not be a bookstore. I’ll poke around more next time I’m in the area.


  • Ben

    Of course, the company that makes your fancy sun-dried tomato basil cream cheese probably just bought Philly in bulk (we sell it in 30/50# boxes for foodservice use) and blended it. So, a frugal foodie can just buy Philly when it’s on sale and mix their own varieties.