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My happy joy toy arrived today. So far, no love. It ties in to your Gmail account, see? But I have a hosted Gmail account. Rumor has it that hosted gmail accounts work, but when I try to log on I get this error message:


This account cannot be used on the phone because it is missing the following application: cl. Please contact the domain administrator for toldme.com or sign in using another account.

Alas, there is no information to be found on the Internets, and since I have a mere “standard” hosted gmail account I am not entitled to contact Google about the problem. So, I posted a message to their web “help forum” and we’ll see if someone knows. Meanwhile I guess I switch back to my old Sidekick and figure out how to migrate all the data I have stored on that device to the new thingus. With any luck I can shake down some Google employees for some technical support. I hope this isn’t another general case of “eff you hosted domain losers!!”

NOTE: A Google employee has already offered the guess that “cl” may be the Calendar application, so I’m seeing if I can make something happen . . .

UPDATE: According to a reliable source, there is a bug related to registering G1 accounts on hosted domains that surfaced this evening, October 21. They are working feverishly to fix this issue, and I hope we’ll be online tomorrow, October 22.

UPDATE: dannyman@toldme.com is now using his G1 as intended. Yay!!

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  • andrew kurniadi

    1 got the same problem as you. do you found any solution for this problem?

  • hopkimi4

    Danny, I have a premier hosted gmail account and got the same error you did. I called tech support and was informed that I cannot use a hosted gmail account and must use a regular gmail account to set up the phone.

    However, I have seen posts on other forums from users that claim they COULD get their hosted account to work. Lots of conflicted info here. I’m inclined to think that it is possible but there is some configuration needed in the control panel for our hosted apps.