White Board Sheet Guy


I bought some white board sheets off Amazon the other day, because I enjoy standing up to do creative work. I wanted white board paint but this is not available. The white board sheets . . . enh . . . they tend to rip when peeling them off the stack, and after a few days they start to roll up and fall off: better with tape! But the real bummer so far is that they really don’t erase well . . . I had to do windex on a paper towel and then scrape the marker off with my thumb. Too bad . . .

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  • In college I bought giant white board panels (no frames, just panels, I think they are commonly used for cheap and easy to clean wall coverings) which I found at the local Menard’s. I think they are made of melamine (do not eat). They were pretty cheap (like $15) for a pretty large (maybe 5′ by 8′) panel, and I just attached it to the wall with plastic screw-in mirror clips. It worked great for the two years I lived in that particular house. So, I recommend going to Home Depot or Lowe’s and looking for melamine panels.