Firefox: “Undo” last-closed-tab

There’s a new feature in recent versions of Firefox, where you can go to the History menu, and at the bottom you can access “Recently Closed Tabs”. I am very happy to learn that you can “undo” the tab you just closed in haste with:


I was so thrilled by this just now I thought I would pass the tip along.

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Categories: Technical

  • Andrew

    I realize I’m responding to a post that’s over 4 years old, and therefor at this point is a now-ancient feature, but this “feature” had been driving me nuts lately, where I kept going to open a new tab and it ctrl–t instead of ctrl-t by mistake (habit from opening new tabs in gnome-terminal). Having no clear purpose (since I didn’t stop my swearing, closing the tab and hitting the right key combo long enough to give it any thought), it was quite annoying. Of course, had I actually paid closer attention to what it was doing and put 2 and 2 together I might have realized how truly useful this IS. Testing it now, I see you can actually re-open multiple previous tabs in exactly the reverse order you closed them.