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My First Video Blog

Just kidding. I recently got inspired to draw a fairly absurd cartoon:

Dating is an adventure, for sure. I went for a more “informal” feel here, doing the text all freehand. I have mixed feelings about the result, but it is better to produce than to procrastinate.

And since you bought the DVD, here’s the bonus material–the “making of” the above comic:

A few weeks back I trekked over to Japantown to pick up some good pens at Kinokuniya. I pencil the thing in, then go over it with ink. In this case, I settled on a 0.7mm Zebra Hyper Jell for the text and a finer 0.5mm Sarasa Stick for the figure. I have a 0.8mm Uniball Vision Elite but that is complete crap compared the the fancy Japanese pens.

And yes, let the ink dry before erasing the pencil. Unfortunately with these finer pens it takes some off the ink out too.

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