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Muni’s Message to Black Youth

I spend a few minutes most mornings at the bus shelter at 19th Ave and Taraval. In July, they featured this public-service ad on the street side of the shelter, encouraging black youth to “stay alive and free” eating mama’s home cooking, rather than the cuisine associated with orange jumpsuits:

Stay Alive and Free

Cheesy, but well-meaning. I encourage all youth to “stay alive and free”.

The shelter side of this shelter usually features bizarre fashion advertising. In July, on the flip side of the above poster was this bizarre lady: a white woman seductively holding handcuffs. In addition to promoting “fashion” I guess she was trying to explain that temptations can be crassly grotesque:

Pale Lady with Handcuffs

To be sure, my neighborhood is dominated by Chinese families. Red is the color you wear on your wedding day.

Meanwhile, over on the BART, I see this strange poster in the distance:


I got up to take a closer look to discover a black man in his underwear, barricading the door against the sodomy we assume accompanies a prostate exam. “If you’re over 50, or an African American over 45, get your prostate exam!”

No comment.

So, yeah, there are some provocative posters, questionable imagery, but look beyond advertising to real folk, and you’ll see some soul.

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