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HOWTO: Call Ikea USA

A fire drill at Dallas IKEA? (Thanks, shesbitter)

Ahhh, Ikea! Our favorite one-stop shop to kill an entire Saturday stocking up on inexpensive husgeråd. The checkout process can be exhausting, but I tend to find the post-unloading furniture assembly to be relaxing.

And while Ikea has nice products at modest prices, sometimes things don’t go perfectly, and you need some customer service. This is where you experience the dark side of Ikea: getting customer service, especially from your local Ikea store, can be a nightmare.

But, fret not, as I had done, for after my whining, Paul posted the number for Ikea US Corporate Headquarters, and I have since heard from others that calling this number indeed connects you to friendly human beings who can resolve problems for you:


If you find that this does or does not bring you satisfaction, please let me know. Cheers!

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  • Debra Amundson

    First thank you. You should start a customer service company. Any other tips for reaching someone who will respond to a problem? Name? Ext #? Who is at the top of the ladder? I will be happy to detail my difficulty for your site if you wish. Darn, I am just glad to find anything. These people think they are untouchable and can shove anything down your throat. Take the money and lock the doors. Errors?
    All yours they can do nothing wrong, and by the way if they do anything for you it comes out of your pocket, even if they overcharge! Did not matter that I am disabled and a 4 hour round trip from the store.
    Thank you again.

  • April

    Thanks. I am so frustrated — figured it’s a bait-and-switch type of thing. No answer on my local (Long Island) customer service for three days, no response to the messages I leave (at their prompting — leave a message and we’ll reply quickly!), no response to the electronic messages! And I couldn’t find a contact number. So… thanks.

  • Lois Steinberg

    I have been trying to email Ikea in Atlanta. When I finally got the contact us page, it insisted upon a Province and a specific store in Canada. I LIVE IN GEORGIA. Here is what I wanted to tell them:

    Yesterday 6 of us went to Ikea in Atlanta. We were looking forward to shopping and having a good meal in the cafeteria. We were in the store about 20 minutes when we began to feel tired and lightheaded. So we headed for the cafeteria. Where we all found we had no appetite. We ate a little and then attempted to shop. It was hard to focus and only the youngsters in the group selected some purchases.

    It finally occurred to me that it was hot in there. There was no AIR CIRCULATION,

  • not to speak of air condiitioning, which would have been appropriate since it was over 80 outside. Also there was a peculiar smell, which was almost like rose-scented cleaner, or formaldehyde, of plastic. In any case it was noxious.

    We spent $90 among the six of us; which can’t be good for Ikea’s bottom line.

    And we were very happy to leave.

    I will not return to that store.

    If anyone knows how to forward to this to Ikea, they should know about it.
    I am a senior citizen and not that adept on the computer.

  • Awayweare

    I have the same problem with the Long Island ikea. What did you end up doing? Corporate office made me leave a message as well.

  • D Nighteagle

    I have been battling IKEA for several months. Their computer printout of parts needed for a shelving system was inaccurate. I pulled the parts as per the list and returned home only to find out the brackets were the wrong ones. I live an eight (8) hour drive from IKEA Denver. I attempted to contact them via email. They were VERY uncooperative and insisted I return the parts to Denver but could not assure I would be credited for them. They left me with no way to get the correct brackets. They also informed that they had subsequently discontinued the shelving system (Broder) and did not have the correct bracket at any of their stores – worldwide. I am now the proud owner of a useless partial system. IKEA’s customer service really stinks and make no attempt to help customers. Buyer beware!

  • mike d

    If you are considering purchasing an completer IKEA kitchen….’think twice’!!! We are going into our eight week without a kitchen due to incompetence of IKEA sub-contractors and IKEA has done nothing to resolve or situation. We found out–after the fact–that we could have purchased a locally at about the same cost. We are not ‘happy’ and will never shop at IKEA again.

    Mad in Tucson…..