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Duly Noted: Horned Toads and Light Years

Yesterday I was listening to a public radio story on The California Report. I gritted my teeth as the announcer thrice referred to horned toads as lizards. I like to think that public radio folk are reasonably bright and that they proof-read stories, and so when a friend called, I asked, “Are amphibians lizards?” Well, amphibians aren’t lizards, but then horned toads are actually misnamed short-horned lizards.

This afternoon I read the following from the June 6 issue of “The Week” with glee:

“By lucky chance, astronomers were peering at a galaxy 88 million light-years away when they witnessed the initial blast of a star exploding into a supernova–the first time that rare stellar event has been seen as it happened.”

Though, for all I know, perhaps astronomers have figured out how to observe things without being limited by light-speed, and we’ll be able to watch the supernova explode again 88 million years from now.

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  • Don’t let it GET to you, DannyMannn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    If you look around and take the time to really observe and analyze, all day everyday, you’ll see a LOAD of crap that is mis-named and things that, for all your life, you have simply accepted as having a name that doesn’t truly apply. No biggee.

    But if you try and figure out alla this stuff you’ll just go mad.

    I know you have been to a movie and saw some kind of computer-related activity on the screen that wasn’t right and said, “Hey THAT isn’t right – THAT couldn’t happen.”

    You would catch the error because you’re a computer kinda guy and you’d probably let it slide a bit so you could enjoy the rest of the film. BUT if you had friends with you, a cop, a fireman, a lawyer, a soldier, a doctor, an architect, you couldn’t get through the movie without dozens of interruptions relating to errors.

    The same happens in everyday life but if you stop to let the crap bother you – like a toad being called a lizard (even if it unknowingly correct) you’ll grow into an old old miserable prick.

    Like me – but for other reasons.

    As for the thing about the scientists saying they SAW the star explode as it happened (even though it was 88 light years earlier) hell, that applies to everything.


    How many times have you seen the sun rise or set as it happens? None really because it is far enough away that even at light speed you’re seeing history – even if it just by a few seconds. But even YOU, the smartest guy I know – will say you saw it happen as it happened.

    And hearing things is even worse – if you have ever watched a carpenter pound nails from a hundred feet you’ll recall how the noise of the hammer reaches your ears a second after you see the hammer strike.

    So you likely never HEAR things as they happen either.

    DeeMan – you are always seeing and hearing stuff late – maybe not 88 million light years late, but late just the same.

    F’rinstance, a cheesecake is not a cake at all – but do you get all pissy when you are eating it because it has a wrong name???????? Hell, no.

    As far as scientists making comments that are not physically correct, it has been my finding that the more formal education one has the more wrong he can be. That’s a given if you just watch and listen to the experts.

    So it’s okay if your pet horned toad doesn’t look like a frog and it’s okay if some star exploded a jillion years ago – as long as the debris doesn’t hit my house.

    Summer is almost here, mon – you have trips planned???????? Fun activities???????

    Post more drawings – I am always in need of free fabulous art.

    Post pics of all your women you have been hiding from us.

    SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!