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China: “You May Now Give Birth!”

There was another aftershock in Sichuan today. More people dead and homeless. A big part of the original tragedy is that kids were at school, and many of the schools collapsed, and there are a lot of grieving parents, and questions as to whether schools were built properly.

Now, a little reminder of how different it is to be a subject of China’s government compared to what I take for granted:

“According to a new regulation issued by the Chengdu Population and Family Planning Commission, families like Wang Xuegui’s that lost their children or had children disabled in the earthquake are permitted to give birth again.”

I recall a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where they do what must inevitably happen on a long-running hit TV series: have a bunch of women giving birth at once under stressful circumstances. Worf finds himself assisting a woman in labor, and following instructions, he asserts, in a confident, commanding tone, “you may now give birth!”

“You may now start over at having a family.” That is some hard re-building.

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Categories: News and Reaction, Politics, Sundry

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