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Paris: Vigilante Cultural Restoration

A priceless article floated in over IRC (thanks, Dave!) about a French group that clandestinely repaired a national monument. Apparently it is part of a larger secret group:

But the UX, the name of Untergunther’s parent organisation, is a finely tuned organisation. It has around 150 members and is divided into separate groups, which specialise in different activities ranging from getting into buildings after dark to setting up cultural events. Untergunther is the restoration cell of the network.

The idea of a secret network with a “restoration cell” just makes me grin. In a way, very French . . .

I remember reading a description of Paris as a “Museum City” and then an explanation that that is not necessarily praise: if the culture of Paris is stuck in the past and not dynamic, that implies that the city is not vibrant. It is good to see that there is some vibrancy to the “Museum” culture.

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  • That incident was awesome. I also like this note from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_UX):

    The organization is divided into teams: an all-female team specializing in infiltration, a team running an internal messaging system and coded radio network, a team providing a database, a team organizing underground shows, a team doing photography, a team (Untergunther) doing restoration. One project, La Mexicaine de Perforation (LMDP), built an underground cinema, Les Arenes de Chaillot, next to la Cinematheque Francaise.

    An all-female team specializing in infiltration!