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Audi TT: for Oxymorons

My obviously-gay cubicle-neighbor spent the day listening to show tunes at low volume. I hate show tunes but I’m just back from vacation and I forgot to bring my own over-the-ear headphones so I figured I’d keep it to myself. At one point we overheard some other coworkers debating whether the one guy’s Audi TT convertible was “girly”. My cubicle neighbor confided in me that “in the gay community” this car is known as the “power bottom” car. I felt that this would be pretty much the final word in such a debate, but he wasn’t sure that he wanted to make that contribution to the discussion, which is why he confided in me.

I think that such information is too precious to keep to myself, and that this information is exactly what blogs are for.

I’m a pretty liberal, open-minded, adventurous guy, but I’m not entirely sure I know what a “power bottom” would be. I’m actually slightly pleased about that. And although I am fond of the idea of all-wheel drive, I have always thought the TT was is kinda ugly, like a New Beetle that had been chopped off a bit.

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