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Cable TV vs. Satellite TV

[From a discussion I recently engaged.]

Q: What are the pros and cons of cable versus satellite in terms of cost, features, and quality of service?

Television’s Best Deal (CC: dsasso.)

A: This isn’t for everyone, but here is the deal I am on right now:

$14/mo for Netflix
$12/mo for DSL
$26/mo Video+Internet

This lets me watch a few movies each week, and when I really want to watch TV I can download the “Daily Show” with the commercials already edited out from BitTorrent. Since adopting this plan I have gotten more into the “shopping for my own food and cooking it myself” channel, the “tidying up and arranging my own apartment” channel, the low-key reality show “can dannyman take care of these flowers” and some call-in shows featuring friends and family. I’m considering some plus packages like “my new pet” and maybe “learn a musical instrument” but I haven’t even gotten in to the last one I tried: “Mandarin Chinese”

One of the big drawbacks to this approach is that there’s not much of a channel guide to help me keep track of all the possibilities, and good luck finding a universal remote! On the other hand, the commercials are pretty rare and innocuous, so you don’t need a DVR.


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