A Fistful of Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates roll in . . . Gift Certificates

I use the Amazon.com Chase Visa. I get a “point” per dollar spent, and three points per dollar on purchases through Amazon.com. Every 2,500 points, I get a $25 gift certificate. Pretty neat.

Well, they hadn’t sent me gift certificates in a while, so I called and got the matter cleared up. I am currently working my way through $350 in gift certificates.

If you do the math you may surmise that I spend an awful lot of money. I will offer a tip that if you want to maximize your credit card rewards, you should manage IT for a small company that relies upon you to charge equipment to your credit card and then be reimbursed. Especially if you have earned a better credit limit than your boss’ corporate card.


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  • okay oddly, i was having a discussion with my friend rachel and your name came up. apparently you know many of my old friends–fake rachel would be the name you know her by. small world!

  • Ben

    Or just have a job where you travel a lot. I put $50K on my AmEx last year for work. $50K = 50K points = $500 of gift cards. That was basically commuting to PA for 35 weeks.

    The other way to maximize rewards is to pick a card that matches your spending habits. While I certainly don’t need 4 or 5 cards, I can choose which card based on the best benefit to me. 3% on eating out with my CostCo Amex, 2% on travel with the same, 5% promo on gas currently with Discover. Electronic purchases go to Amex for the extended warranty, and general stuff just goes to the Discover. Of course, it’s all only worthwhile if you pay your balances off.