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Keizer, OR: Collars and Chains

The Week reminds me that the Red States really are a different planet:

“Residents of Keizer, OR., are complaining that the towns new cement traffic posts resemble male genitalia. The posts, installed at a pedestrian intersection, are cylindrical in form with a rounded, slightly offset head, and, according to City Manager Chris Eppley, look very different from how they did in the catalog. Eppley says the city hopes to make them less phallic by giving them metal collars and linking them with chains. If that doesn’t work, “we’ll have wasted $20,000, and we’ll have to do something different.”

San Francisco Style
CC: dpade1337

I live in San Francisco. I can accept that somewhere in America God-fearing people live in fear of seeing even vaguely phallic symbols . . . but I live in San Francisco. Collars and chains?

Something different, indeed!

I found some photos. From Oregon. They’re (obviously) work-safe . . .

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