I was sitting around, minding my own business, when I got some weird-messages-from-friends via this AIM screen name “buddybulletin”. I wrote back and it walked me through sending a “blast” to a group of friends–I’m sorry about that. Then a friend inquired as to buddybulletin’s parentage.

Danny: I dunno, I’m sure you can Google it.
Duncan: I did. Unless it’s very new and Dutch, there’s nothing.
Duncan: So it’s very stealth; real-time viral only and very stealth.

“Interesting,” said I, checking with Technorati . . . nope . . . all I can find is:

  1. Sponsored by T-Mobile Sidekick ID.
  2. It is listed by AOL and the “AIM Bots” page.

The Sidekick ID looks potentially neat. It looks like something between a Sidekick 2 and a Sidekick 3: without Bluetooth, camera, MP3 player, card slot or USB port. This way, it retails for $99. It also looks more rugged, like the Sidekick 2. So, if I’m ever in the market for an upgrade . . .

Interesting viral marketing, anyway. They should have some sort of “opt-out” doohickey for those of us who associate with curmudgeons.

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  • mark

    Usually the names represented in IM’s by buddybulletin’s are spam. I just received my second one in maybe 6 months so it’s not all very effective, at least to me. In my case, the person who sent me the “buddybulletin” had a valid profile feared out, something that a teenage in high school would put in their profile with a link at the bottom, complete with colors. Examining the IP of the site proved to be a random hosting company in Phoenix, Arizona with the webpage linked being a standard page with javascript enabled running google-analytics javascript code. Looking at the redirected url provided in the web page, it’s another javascript filled web page that bombards you with numerous links, mostly advertising a site’s videos, music and blogs.

    Guerrilla advertising at it’s finest.

  • my conversation with buddybulletin:

    [11:15] buddybulletin: Find the best prices with ShoppingBuddy.

    [11:16] gmoonit: hey
    [11:16] gmoonit: what’s up
    [11:16] gmoonit: who the fuck are you
    [11:16] gmoonit: fuck off

    i hate advertisements!