Stupid Flyer

As I rushed away from the office this evening, I accepted, for amusement purposes, a flyer some lady was handing out at the subway entrance:


A marketing survey, huh? Sounds pretty straightforward. Am I in the right zipcode? *Flip*


I admit, I scanned through the list looking for 94116 . . . 94 . . . 9411 . . . 951? Huh? Oh, over there .. . 94 . . . . . . . . . . . . is is ordered horizontally? No . . . WTF?

The first side implies that they are spending $10,000 on the survey, the flip side implies they couldn’t spend the $50 to get a temp worker to sort the zip codes out. I’d give you feedback to tell you how stupid you are, but you’re not worth my time.

People who read my blog, however, deserve a little snide entertainment. Maybe you can still score yourself $10 as well.

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  • I was chuckling to myself looking at the list of zip codes, thinking “How can anyone find their own zip code in this mess?” when BAM! I found my current zip code almost instantaneously. Pure coincidence, right? Then I test myself again, thinking “Okay then, what about my old Oakland zip codes?” and I found them easily too. Redwood City? Check.

    So…thanks to your post, I have discovered I am motherfucking Rain Man. Thanks a lot, Danny.

  • Anna

    hey – mine’s there too!! hehe. it’s like one of those 3-d posters, you just gotta un-focus…

  • Jeannie

    Me too. Thanks for the chuckle, Danny! Thanks to your 2 responses, I too took the challenge and wella located my zip right there 6th from the bottom of the 4th column. If they could’ve just put these zips into a spreadsheet, sort, then cut and paste they could’ve made this so much easier. But, if they did that, we wouldn’t be having this nice lil chuckle…now, would we?

    You’re the man, Danny, in providing fun stuff to read. :-)