Stupid Flyer

As I rushed away from the office this evening, I accepted, for amusement purposes, a flyer some lady was handing out at the subway entrance:


A marketing survey, huh? Sounds pretty straightforward. Am I in the right zipcode? *Flip*


I admit, I scanned through the list looking for 94116 . . . 94 . . . 9411 . . . 951? Huh? Oh, over there .. . 94 . . . . . . . . . . . . is is ordered horizontally? No . . . WTF?

The first side implies that they are spending $10,000 on the survey, the flip side implies they couldn’t spend the $50 to get a temp worker to sort the zip codes out. I’d give you feedback to tell you how stupid you are, but you’re not worth my time.

People who read my blog, however, deserve a little snide entertainment. Maybe you can still score yourself $10 as well.

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