Dress to Impress

Miriam got me giggling:

I have often heard it said that women don’t dress for men but instead dress for women. But I live in San Francisco and so I dress for gay men. Clearly, they’re the only ones who notice and compliment accordingly. . .

A few things I enjoy about walking downtown include commuting by train, the fascinating architecture that changes through the day thanks to lights-and-shadows, and, the innumerable good-looking women hustling on their way too and from their jobs and classes.

Alas, I know little for architecture or fashion, so I wander down the street gazing in uninformed appreciation of the beauty around me. As far as the trains go, I have to admit that I recently read up on the history of the USSLRV, which Muni was plagued with in the 1980s and 1990s before they got the nice Breda trains they run today.

“Ohhh, darling, is that a Breda LRV3 you’re riding? I really like it! You’re running so quietly with a good maintenance record. That is so hot!”

Well, thank goodness for the gay men in this city, keeping the ladies motivated to heights of fashion that make me smile in uninformed appreciation.

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  • -berto

    Hahaha…uh yeah. Unless you want to amaze your friends, or are in the presence of rail transit buffs, sometimes it’s just best to keep that knowledge to yourself. Not that I should talk. Chicago has Boeing rail products rolling around. The 2400 series of L cars on the Red, Purple, and Green Lines…wait, I think I just put 20 people to sleep and the ones that are still awake are thinking “He’s one of those people.” But it’s always good to have those tidbits of facts laying around. Makes you appreciate how things work.