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Lyrics brought to mind by recent conversations:

Well life is (too short) so love the one you’ve got
Coz you might get run over or you might get shot
Never start no static I just get it off my chest
Never had to battle with my bullet-proof vest
Take a small example take a ti-ti-tip from me
Take all of your money give it all to charity
Love’s what I got, is within my reach
And the Sublime style’s still straight from Long Beach
You know it comes back to you you’re bound to get what you deserve
Try and test that, you’re bound to get served
Love’s what I got, don’t start a riot, you’ll feel it when the dance gets hot

Lovin’ is what I got
I said remember that!

For the longest time I thought it was “life is–so not the one you’ve got” which I thought was very philosophical. However “life is too short” is also eminently true, so . .

Taking a brief break from a technical mystery at work. Back to being serious! At least I have a cool soundtrack.

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