Drifting Along . . .

IMG_3059 So, this weekend Jessica and I joined other friends-of-Meghan to camp out and take a 10 mile canoe trip down the Russian River, to celebrate Meghan’s 25th birthday. It was an excellent weekend! Well, except I got a nasty sunburn on the top of my thighs. Fortunately, I had the good sense to avail myself of sun screen, and it was only after I hopped in the river to catch an errant paddle that I got in trouble when the pasty parts of my legs were relieved of their protection.

I also got to ride in Kaya’s Prius, which is totally Citroen inside! Anyway . . . I have no business with such an expensive cool car, but lately I have thought that if I were looking for a new ride, an older Cadillac convertible would totally be awesome. Basically, a sexy version of the station wagon?

In life, things are better. I confess that I have taken now twice to a dinner of cereal, with a dessert of beer, and that tends to put me to sleep way early. I’m going to try not to make a pattern of this. I admit, though, there is now a pile of unfolded laundry, a pile of un-opened mail, months of unread New Yorkers . . . and I keep missing my deadline to catch the morning bus and end up driving to work. Things to work on, but little symptoms that wake me up to the “don’t get into a bachelor funk” thing. I’ll fold the laundry tonight. The paperwork . . .

Ah, what else? Awesome lunch with Duncan yesterday, at the Rockridge Cafe, was it? Also, last Wednesday? Oh my gosh . . . I went to a party in the city, at a club called Roe, near Montgomery BART. Free admission, free vodka, free wine . . . . and hotties all over, who were completely cool about walking up to me, introducing themselves, and paying compliments. What’s up with that? It was a party thrown by yelp.com, which is this online reviews slash social-networking web site. Well, it worked for me. A dot-com party in San Francisco with free booze and beautiful people? Hell, I partied like it was 1999!

Once I built up a proper buzz, I spent much of the night dancing. The DJ was doing right by us, and it was so much fun to just do my thing on the floor, drenched in sweat, in such a friendly atmosphere.

And yes, a fair number of the ladies are spoken for, that’s fine, but it was a totally hot night to be single, and while I spoke to women who were clearly ready to exchange numbers, I just didn’t go there. I want to, but not just yet. Didn’t quite feel right. Maybe, sign the divorce paperwork first. There was one woman, just flown in to town, for the week, jetlagged, and fresh from a day of wine at Napa, big beautiful puppy eyes . . . damn . . . I rationalized my way away from her since I had the canoe trip, which would eat up my weekend. No time to show her a good time in the bay area!

But I am totally into writing more reviews for Yelp!

I have also given notice on the current housing situation, and am chasing various leads in Rockridge, which promises to be a much groovier place to live. The place upstairs from Duncan is available next month, but it not quite my style, and more than I want to pay. But, we’ll find an awesome pad!

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