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“Indiana Time”

Nominally, you would fix a FreeBSD server by supping to stable, and running:

cd /usr/src/share/zoneinfo && make clean && make install

Though, you may have a valid reason for not doing all that. You could instead do this:

~> ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Indiana
Indianapolis    Knox            Marengo         Vevay
~> fetch ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/tzdata2006b.tar.gz
Receiving tzdata2006b.tar.gz (149555 bytes): 100%
149555 bytes transferred in 2.6 seconds (55.68 kBps)
~> tar xfz tzdata2006b.tar.gz
~> sudo zic northamerica
~> ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Indiana
Indianapolis    Marengo         Vevay
Knox            Petersburg      Vincennes

A tip-of-the-hat to William Computer Blog and participants on the FreeBSD-questions mailing list.

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