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blows out the candles.
Danny blows out the candles! (Thanks, Lea)

Yesterday was a fantastic gathering of friends.

Today we get to relax, and recuperate.

I love you, Yayoi. Thanks for organizing, and getting a fantastic cake, and cleaning up while I slept in today. And thanks to everybody who came by, and brought presents, and conviviality, and thanks to Brian, who treated nine of us to dinner.

Everything and everyone was fantastic. I am a fortunate person.

There are future events that will encompass Dim Sum, and “Axis and Allies” . . . those who may find such things interesting and would like to be added to such activities, let me know.

And thanks to those of you who sent e-mails or cards just to wish well.

And now . . . I have some work-work to catch up on, and my sister to pick up at the airport this evening.

It is good to be older. :)


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