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Chicago is New York City taken in moderation.
New York is Chicago taken to excess.

The midwest is a place that identifies with moderation. Midwesterners are proud of their great metropolis. Chicago is quite the wonder! But then, they will admit to being uneasy about that big big city.

New York sees itself on the level of London, Paris, or Tokyo. New York is the cultural axis around which a great nation revolves.

Chicago sees itself rising from the plains. Chicago is the great version of Milwaukee, or Detroit. Chicago gave birth to the skyscraper and the Loop has a certain antiquarian flair, with the screeching L line at the center.

Chicago spreads out on the plain . . . tall buildings in the center, and miles upon miles upon miles of neighborhoods and factories, which give way to suburbs and corporate headquarters, which give way to the farms and small midwestern towns that are every year sucked into the growing conurbation. (more…)



You Might Think I am Lame . . .

Link: https://dannyman.toldme.com/2005/11/19/you-might-think-i-am-lame/

. . . because I tend to post stuff on Friday evenings. Friday evenings!? I mean, sheesh, does this man have no life?

But Friday evening the wife is at class, so it is one of the few times I can get the place to myself to dork off.

That said, I kind of feel like kicking back and doing something passive, like read, or watch the next episode on my Netflixed Firefly DVD . . .

Though, UTC, I think it is almost Saturday Morning, so if you look at the timestamp you can just assume I am drunk.

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Link: https://dannyman.toldme.com/2005/11/19/television/

Television kicked to the curb, by cropitornot.

I have not had a consistent supply of Television since I left home for college . . . ten years ago. And lately I have been thinking that while it was a lonely time, 1996-2002 or so was also something of a “Golden Age” for me, at least in terms of learning stuff, because I ran only FreeBSD on my computers and could only play very few games. (That’s a seperate reflection for another time, and may just be reactionary nostalgia.)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking lately that watching good shows, especially without commercials, is nice stuff. TiVo is bigger than just a “smart VCR” . . . before TiVo I used to worry about whether I could catch a show at a certain time . . . after TiVo, I couldn’t care less when a show aired, if I wanted to watch it, it would be there, a few days later, and when I wanted to unwind, I could fire up the show. (more…)


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SysAdmin Brain

Link: https://dannyman.toldme.com/2005/11/29/sysadmin-brain/

Well, the holidays were nifty but they are chased with half a week on the East Coast redoing the install I did last month that needs redoing for a variety of reasons you don’t want to be burdened with. So, move from the uber-chill four-day weekend without a lot going on beyong setting Grandma up with her new Mac (early Christmas present due to the death of her old Mac) and enjoying family time, especially wifey time . . . and we’re back in the data center demonstrating our mastery of the Linux operating system. Nyahh!!!

So, just an anecdote, I caught sight of a baby breast-feeding. How wholesome, I felt, hooray for breast feeding . . . that must feel intensely wonderfully intimate . . . hey, without my notice, baby is on the other breast, and I had my SysAdmin brain moment.

“Oh good, load balancing.”

Thank you, and goodnight.


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