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Do not taunt Red Hat Enterprise Linux:

Finally, one more directory worth noting is the /initrd/ directory. It is empty, but is used as a critical mount point during the boot process.

Warning Warning

Do not remove the /initrd/ directory for any reason. Removing this directory causes the system to fail to boot with a kernel panic error message.

<doomsey> do not taunt the happy fun directory.
<dman> Linux is funny.
<doomsey> linux sucks.
<dman> “Egon, this reminds me of the time you tried to remove /initrd.” “It would have worked if you hadn’t stopped me!”

In all fairness, I would not have read this far into the documentation, but after going through the contortions to register for the trial of RHEL, I started downloading the four ISOs required to install Red Hat. Today I burned the ISOs, but then wondered by was disc4 only 3k? Well, the temporary URLs I was downloading from had expired by the time I got to disc4, so my disc4 ISO was actually a wad of dumb HTML, wasting a blank CD! Grr!

So, they deserve a taunting, as I’m still 57 minutes from having my disc4 ISO.

Also, while I’m on my soapbox, if you’re going to adopt FHS, then you ought to be able to stick your /initrd in /mnt.

In other OS news, I also filed a very minor PR today with FreeBSD.

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