Intelligently Designing Teeth

<dogmeat-> i think if intelligent design were true, we’d have self-cleaning teeth
<saul> we do =)
<saul> it’s just not perfect
<saul> also, some people claim that our dental problems are made much worse by consuming simple sugars and processed foods
<SmooveB> plus, most long term dental problems occur after what would have been a normal lifespan.
<saul> concur
<dannyman> AND
<dannyman> Our teeth were originally “designed” for eating raw meat and vegetables, but since the advent of cooking, our jaws have been shrinking, such that our full set of teeth rarely fit in our crappy homo sapiens mouths, and we have to develop dentistry to deal with our crappy jaws as a consequence of using fire.
<dannyman> On the other hand, Intelligent Design will likely emerge as our new evolutionary paradigm anyway, if for no other reasons than to fix all the consequences of human invention subverting the old “unintelligent design” process.
<dannyman> We will intelligently design self-cleaning teeth, just as we invented God.
<dannyman> So, all these Christian conservative throwback Intelligent Design weenies are actually ahead of the curve without really realising it.
<dannyman> And THAT my friends, is the virtue of FAITH.
<dannyman> (Before fire, high-quality teeth/jaws were ESSENTIAL to survival but once we started cooking sh!t, we were able to survive without good teeth, and growing jaw bones takes energy, so smaller jaws are favorable.)

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