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Sunday afternoon

Somewhere I read recently that just because you are content and satisfied with your life, doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you ought to be re-considering and working on.

Work is going to get really busy in the next several weeks, and my coworkers are going to be cranking for the next few months, even if my particular role will not be constantly challenging. I’m digging it, really, because even though I’ve been far more vigilant regarding the work-life balance than I was in my younger days, its is nice to have a challenging project that . . . pushes the envelope . . . of my capabilities. I have to hustle and be sharp, and while it is not great, there is a reasonable risk of, maybe not failure, so much as disappointment.

Red Meat. Drama!

And so, with the home life . . . things have been pretty quiet, content, satisfying. We have been enjoying the good life, and trimming spending somewhat to improve our long-term finances. A little give, a little take, nothing too crazy. Some day we expect there will be children and we will have less free time to burn, but for now we are enjoying the mostly easy life, playing games . . .

But that goes back to being content . . . it is the Sunday afternoon when you realize that while you are really enjoying your weekend, you actually have some homework due tomorrow. I have this feeling that pretty soon I should start getting even more serious . . . fewer games and more growth-oriented projects.

But not just yet . . . not just yet.

Especially since Civ 4 is coming next month. If I’m going to slack off and enjoy games, I might as well do it in the midst of a crack epidemic. Hopefully as a geeky reward for a job well-done at work.

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