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Email to AT&T Mobile Devices

Last week, some of my users stopped receiving e-mail on their cell phones.

We had the aliases set up for:
<ten digits>@mobile.att.net

mobile.att.net no longer exists.

So, after some research, I got an answer from USENET:
<ten digits>@mmode.com

This is also accepting messages:
<ten digits>@mobile.mycingular.com
(But they do not seem to be delivered. Except to one user who recently switched phones.)

A very smart person reports that if your mobile is GSM you might want:
<ten digits>@cingularme.com

Update–July, 2007: For John and Bertrand, who is on Cingular’s “Pay as You Go” plan:
<ten digits>@txt.att.net

I did this to my aliases file:

(I only bother to blog about this because simply typing my problem in to Google got me nada.)

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