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Color-Enhanced Mount Diablo
A color-enhanced view of Mount Diablo from the foothills above Walnut Creek. The rain has made things green and a quick trip to the GIMP only emphasizes this.

So, I recently bit the bullet and bought a Pro account on Flickr. They’ll store my images for me in high-resolution, with a pretty nifty, pretty zippy interface to manage them. The community-building features have been a pleasant ego surprise — one photo I uploaded from when I was flying in to London on September 11, 2002 was found by a guy who could see his house in the photograph.

I received mail from them just now telling me that they have extended my Pro account from one year to two — so, their service is running me $21/year at the moment, and they are expanding the monthly upload quota to 2GB, and they are going to give me two more Pro accounts to give away. Details forthcoming. They haven’t set that bit up yet.

Now, of course, free accounts go first to family, but I will likely have at least one to give to friends. If you are interested in uploading lots of (good) stuff to Flickr, please drop me a note, explaining . . . well, why I should give you my schwag.

And to everyone else: Happy Tuesday!

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