The Unfortunate Commuter

Woman Driving Recklessly Down I-680.Woman Driving Recklessly Down I-680.Woman Driving Recklessly Down I-680.Woman Driving Recklessly Down I-680.

I left my camera with Yayoi this week. And the Sidekick has no zoom, but maybe just maybe we can make out that this lady is using her Blackberry while driving down the third lane of I-680 southbound, somewhere North of Danville.

Riding the bus, you get a good view of certain tragedies that you do not personally know, such as the woman who needs to be able to check her Blackberry during her commute, but also has to drive while doing so. Poor, unfortunate lady; Us privileged souls on the bus get away with taking pictures of you and posting them to the Internet while the CCCTA chauffers us to work, while you must risk your life to sneak glances at your communiques.

This post could use some padding to fix up the formatting. If anyone wishes to submit topical haikus, I would be happy to post them here. Thanks.

Brave driver, checking
mail in the third lane, passing
others who drive straight.

All the while, some jerk
one the Bishop Ranch shuttle
Looks smugly at you.


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  • sam

    Damn bourgeois, getting some working class wage slave to drive you around.. on the bus.

    I watched a lady on her cell phone zoom halfway into the intersection of Evelyn and Calderon through her red light this morning before slowly backing up out of the intersection. It’s people like that who need to end up in the Bay.

  • d. joseph

    So…are you maybe just jealous that she has a car and you’re on the bus. Why do you come off as bitter in this little description of your boring ride to work?