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2005: A Good Start for Fags

The site godhatesfags.com has been hacked and shut down by Swedish hellbound faggot defenders, “in cooperation with Activist JudgesTM.” For future viewing pleasure, I have archived the page.

Thanks for the tip, Adam.

In mulling over his regrets for 2004, Dan Savage put it this way:

Finally, I regret not making it clearer to my straight readers why, for gays and lesbians, contemplating/threatening a move to Canada after November 2 wasn’t, and isn’t, just sour grapes. We live in a country in which one political party–the one that happens to control all branches of the federal government–“activates” its base by demonizing, scapegoating, and actively persecuting homos, a tiny and relatively defenseless minority group. Republicans tell the fundies in their base that the existence of gays and lesbians is a threat to the American family, Western civilization, and, as one bigwig R recently put it, “the survival of the earth.” At some point the Rs are either going to have to make good on their rhetoric and actually do something about all the homos out there imperiling the survival of the planet (hey, maybe we’re responsible for global warming?), or they’re going to have to knock it off. I suspect/hope that the Rs will eventually knock it off. But the off chance that the Rs will one day decide to make good on their anti-gay rhetoric–by amending the U.S. Constitution to ban gay marriage, say, or rounding us all up and putting us all in camps (I’d like to be sent to Boy Scout camp, please)–makes the thought of moving to a big, sane, nearby country where gays and lesbians are full and equal citizens extremely tempting.

Amen, Dan!

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