Two WordPress Plugins

I was stumbling around the Internet this evening, and stumbled upon two neat plugins:

Related Entries Plugin
Does some magic to link to “related posts,” as you can see below. So far, it seems mostly to amount to navigational funness.
Spam Stopgap Extreme
A quick little hack that involves MD5 hashing, and JavaScript. Will purportedly kill off all spambots. We shall see, but unlike a lot of the anti-spam solutions, this thing wsa a trivial install.

UPDATE: March 8, 2010. These days I use Yet Another Related Posts Plugin and WordPress’ built-in Akismet Anti-Apam system.


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  • OK, so it’s a 6 year old post but i’m new to wordpress blogging and was searching for some cool plugins when i came across the related entries plugin. any idea if there’s something similar still available as the link doesn’t work anymore!