Its Over . . . Four More Years

As seen on IRC, Kerry Calls Bush To Concede.

Personally, I would wait until all those provisional ballots in Ohio were counted . . . I have been trying to get to grips with this. I was really upset at first, but the United States has a long history of being slow to get its shit together in times of change. Our challenge now will be to figure out how to engineer a better Democratic Party.

But my challenges right now have to do with backing up data and altering messed up tables in our ticketing system.

There goes safe, legal abortions, the environment, any hopes of health care. The national debt will balloon, and taxation will be shifted even more on to poor people. We will probably be hit by Terrorists again, because we are neglecting our National Security in the interests of looking tough and taking the easy reactionary path . . .

But like I said, my more pressing problems today are more virtual that all of that.

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