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PostgreSQL Database Restored from Filesystem

lnk.to is back online. I was even able to restore the database. I was skeptical, at first, because I could not understand quite how the Postgres database was laid out, filesystem-wise. And the install provided was different in layout than the install that had preceded it. How much fighting with Postgres would be required?

Not much, it turns out. I copied the postgres data directory over, and fired up the local install, and it complained that the version of the data was incompatible with the version of the database. Gosh. Well, thanks to the FreeBSD ports collection, I was able to easily install the older version of Postgres, and after some Unixy tweaking with file permissions, ownership, and the rc.d script, we were back online.

Toldme.com proper (not this web site) is failing on a Perl dependancy. I should probably declare the project dead and focus a little more free time on cracking out lnk.to.

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