Marriage House Party 23 October Saturday

What follows is an announcement for the benefit of the hopefully small minority of my friends in the greater Chicago area who did not receive an e-mail from me or Yayoi. In which case, you should drop me a line to make sure you live in my address book properly. Thanks!

Dear Friends,
Yayoi Ukai and Danny Howard
invite you to their house
Saturday Afternoon and Evening
      October 23, 2004
to celebrate, on the special
occasion that we're getting
the day before!
NO NO NO this is *NOT* our fancy
          WEDDING !!
which will take place in the future
to which you will likely be invited
and dress up, and bring gifts, and
dance and try to catch flowers.  We
will let you know well in advance of
THAT shindig, this is just a come,
eat snacks, make friends, get snoshed
sort of party.  If you can't make it
we certainly understand, no worries!
Attractions include:
+ Snacks, esp PASTRIES and CAKES.
+ Some sort of food stuff.
+ Beverages, including alcohol.
+ Oh, I don't know ...
+ JAPANESE people, from JAPAN!
  (Yayoi's family.)
+ AMERICAN people.
+ OTHER people.
+ You'll get to see a newly married
+ Around 10pm or so, we may well
  wander down by COROSH which is a
  NICE BAR over on Milwaukee Ave.
We do have people coming from out of
town and if you'd like to do that too
we can help you find a place to crash.
You do not have to dress up.  You do
not have to bring gifts.  You needn't
even R.S.V.P. though it would be nice
if you did.  You can bring your FRIENDS
if you like ...
Party starts ... oh, 2?  If you're coming
earlyish then DO give us a ring so you
don't end up OUTSIDE in the COLD as we
CAROUSE elsewhere, or something.

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