Bush as Dean

You know everybody is sort of slowly accepting that maybe George Bush will get re-elected after all, and they might as well plan for another four years of darkness and incompetence. I don’t feel that way.

A month before the Iowa primaries Kerry looked like a pathetic loser unable to compete with the tough, say-it-like-it-is Howard Dean. Dean looked unstoppable, and inevitable, while Kerry looked doomed to a normal life. Dean is now a footnote.

Well, we are about a month from the general election. Kerry looks like a bumbling loser unable to compete with the affected machismo and plainspoken mannerisms of George Bush. Bush has loomed large on the cover of Newsweek. His relection is a reasonable bet, and Kerry will just be another guy who ran for President.

After Kerry is elected and figures out an intelligent way to engage the world and its present challenges, Bush will become a footnote. A man who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, staring blankly at “The Pet Goat” in a Florida classroom on September 11, 2001.

Oil is at $50/barrel. The Iraqi resistance is becoming organized and formidable, and lopping off the heads of Americans who totally didn’t have to be there but for our own extremist agenda. People are waking up to the fact that running a massive deficit while cutting taxes is plain stupidity, and that we can do more and better at being a moral leader in the world, by taking action to protect the environment and working to solve the world’s problems, and this will serve our security far more than occupying Muslim, oil-producing states. John Edwards is a trial lawyer who makes his money suing the big guy, while Dick Cheney is the big guy, who makes his money collecting deferred compensation from profiteering off of a war that he helped start.

I’m waiting for the debates. I think on Thursday, Kerry will be less than awesome. He’ll bide his time, time to draw Bush out, cultivate his smugness, and draw that in for some telling come-uppance at a follow-up debate. Or maybe he’ll just rock straight out. Or, maybe he does suck, and we’ll get the Bush we somehow deserve.

If you are reading this, and you are an American citizen who has not registered to vote, register — right now! The deadlines for registration are right about now. Do eet nahw!!

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