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Iraqi GIs Prefer Kerry

A good read from The Christian Science Monitor:

“9 out of 10 of the people I talk to, it wouldn’t matter who ran against Bush – they’d vote for them,” said a US soldier in the southern city of Najaf, “people are so fed up with Iraq, and fed up with Bush.”

Okay okay, it is probably an even split among the enlisted men, but the point is, you put a lot of reservists in the desert for a war of dubious merit, run by greedy jerks like Dick Cheney, and they are getting ambushed by religious fanatic wackos … not the biggest fans of the Commander-in-Chief. There are some good quotes in that article, as well as evidence that the troops are being influenced by Michael Moore’s “Farenheit 9/11” and good news that the Pentagon is working hard to get our soldeiers’ votes counted.

“There’s no clear definition of why we came here,” says Army Spc. Nathan Swink, of Quincy, Ill. “First they said they have WMD and nuclear weapons, then it was to get Saddam Hussein out of office, and then to rebuild Iraq. I want to fight for my nation and for my family, to protect the United States against enemies foreign and domestic, not to protect Iraqi civilians or deal with Sadr’s militia,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jess drops us a link to an article out of Colorado that says that soldier are being coerced to re-enlist, or they’ll be sent to Iraq. I would hate for that to be true, but I do not find it surprising.

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