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So, lnk.to is situated in its new home. It is something of a shadow of its former glory, but things have been busy. I’ll be flying to California this weekend for a wedding.

People miss the “top” and “recent” listings, so I hacked up a quick top page as an exercise in making SSI XBithack <––#include virtual ––> work. But I’m mainly thinking this leads to a new Lnkto::Chain class that can return a list of Lnkto::Lnk objects. But I’m too distracted to do that right just now.

I attended a seminar on customer service today as well. It was somewhat beneficial. I am moving our “run book” / “employee guide” to yet another architecture. (MediaWiki versus POD versus WordPress.) This seminar has given me material I should include on stress management, and how to do a phone call well, and left me with ideas as to how to improve call-management procedures, with an eye toward metrics. I would feel bad about “re-implementing” my documentation a few times over, but this is my first time through something like this, and I allow myself room for experimentation. Ultimately, I suspect that the happiest medium will be some combination of Wiki and Blog software. But that’s an entirely new subject …

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