Two Electoral Vote Maps

So, you may already know about electoral-vote.com, which shows the current state of Bush versus Kerry, based on all the latest polls, and Kerry has a wonderful lead just now. Then you start thinking about 2000 and you might start whining that you want popular elections.

Well, how about a compromise solution? The Fake Is The New Real Electoral Reform Map re-aligns the map of the United States so that we have fifty states that are roughly equal in size. Yes, this a is a completely insane idea, but it is a wonder to behold!

This charming website also has a scale-level comparison of various subway systems around the world, that is kind of fun to look at. Paris and Tokyo are tiny, but that doesn’t account for suburban commuter trains or JR. Chicago, crown of the midwest, is stretched out around a vast area, not counting our suburban commuter trains. And Washington looks like a deformed cousin of Moscow.

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