Vivent la Bonne Vie de Fromage!

My books just came from Barnes and Noble. They include a sticker so you can return the books if you don’t like the books. I read “Who Moved My Cheese? For Teens” — I had tried to order “Who Moved My Cheese?” This version I guess is “Who Moved My Cheese?” but with some cheesy teen dialog written by marketing folk.

It’s this parable about the rat race, and how if they move your cheese you should get over it and pick yourself up and go find some new cheese, and you’ll recall that finding the cheese in the first place was part of what made you happy. Well, I know all too well that I have to keep a lookout for new cheese … is the lesson lost on me?

I’m so clever that I ask “what if you are sufficiently comfortable hunting the cheese that what you’re really trying to figure out is whether you should enjoy the cheese you have before you and not waste your time hunting cheese?”

Ah, but I already know the answer … just keep an eye on your cheese, wander out and look at the other cheese, and keep in mind that you can always go about changing your cheese as needed, because you already have a cheesy self-awareness.

But if you like your cheese – enjoy it. It is one thing to have cheese, it is another thing to have your cheese well. Be a classy cheese connoiseur!

What the heck inscrutable stuff am I spouting? Well, you can drop by a bookstore or library and read “Who Moved My Cheese?” or you can simply be dazzled that I am attending the LSC Inauguration at Navy Pier tomorrow where a featured guest is Jesse Jackson.

I chortled about my fondness for this flavor of cheese at work today, and a coworker expressed his hatred for Jesse Jackson, because … well, something about why do black people need to be helped, why not everyone? Or something.

But, I don’t know. I can disagree with Jackson, but there’s not much point in feeling too strong about him. I mean, it isn’t like he was selected President by the Supreme Court, pondered a “missle defense shield” and took long vacations while the terrorists were plotting to fucks our shit up, then launch this vague, reactionary “war on terrorism” and then stovepipe bogus intelligence from the CIA to invade some country that he had a bizarre personal grudge with, promising democracy and happiness while actually letting his friends and campaign contributors profiteer off the under-funded “reconstruction” and then have the balls to claim that the combat vet running to replace him is somehow soft on national defense … I mean, has Jesse Jackson done anything like that? Now, he’s got his ideals, his Rainbow Coalition, has charismatic pecadillos …

Okay, I confess that I’ve been listening to Air America Radio at work while watching “The Daily Show”.


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