all under control

(21:56:01) MaryJ: so, are you living in chicago?
(21:56:07) dannyman: yes.
(21:56:10) MaryJ: cool..
(21:56:10) dannyman: totally.
(21:56:13) dannyman: everything rules.
(21:56:20) MaryJ: just you and your girl?
(21:56:32) MaryJ: and you have gainful employment
(21:56:58) MaryJ: near your momma
(21:57:03) dannyman: my boss is actually my landlord, and the office is in a coach house behind the apartment. there’s a coffee shop on the corner across from a pizza place. and the subway is three blocks away and i can bike to the lake in fifteen minutes.
(21:57:09) MaryJ: sounds like you got it all under control
(21:57:28) dannyman: well mom is like seven miles away by city streets but i get to see her.
(21:57:36) dannyman: and my sister comes to party at my place.
(21:57:43) dannyman: sexiness abounds.
(21:57:54) MaryJ: i’m happy for you, boy
(21:58:25) MaryJ: okay.. now it’s time for six feet under..
(21:58:29) MaryJ: talk to you soon..
(21:58:43) dannyman: i have tivo too.
(21:58:44) dannyman: cya!

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