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I made a reservation for a one-day rental, to pick up at Palo Alto at 2pm, and return to SFO at 4pm. I was told that this would cost $30. At the facility, I agreed to another $20 for insurance. “You don’t already have liability insurance?” He prattled something about “piece of mind.” As I don’t want to drive without the state-required liability insurance, and I don’t want to be liable for your vehicle, I agreed to about $20 in insurance.

I received a free upgrade, drove around, filled up the tank, and dropped the car off promptly.

Total charges $78.54. I was figuring I’d be out around $50. What happened?

I note you nailed me for “1 HR and 1 DY” though technically I guess I had the car for “2 HR and 1 DY” .. okay, yeah, whatever. $10.

Then, $3.19 sales tax. Okay …

LDW? $18? What’s that? And PAE/ESP/SLI CHG? $23.90? Which of those are insurance and what insurance am I obligated to get when I rent a car?

As it stands, I can not say that I would use Budget again. I feel as if I have been taken advantage of.


hey say. If anyone wishes to impart some car-renting advice or wisdom, I’m happy to hear. I could publish your message here.


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