Bush to Terrorists: Next Time, Let me Know Before-hand, Eh?

From the New York Times:

“Had I known that the enemy was going to use airplanes to strike America, to attack us, I would have used every resource, every asset, every power of this government to protect the American people,” Mr. Bush said to a burst of applause.

“Of course, since I had no idea what was going on, I didn’t do anything, and blithely allowed 3,000 Americans to die,” I annotate mentally.

In that same article, you read the Condaleeza Rice will be happy to testify before the 9/11 committee, in private, and not under oath. This is fantastic. In order to rebut that guy who has served every whitehouse since Reagan, who has sworn, under oath, that he will not accept a job with John Kerry … they send in Condy Rice to … not swear that she isn’t lying in her testimony …

I hope this means the administration is unravelling and will go down in a massive lump in November. Of course, that doesn’t bode well considering that they have important things to do, like fix the mess in Iraq, fix the mess in Afghanistan, fix the mess of our economy and corporate governance, and keep North Korea from going completely apeshit, while improving our counter-terrorism security …

Okay, I’m a whining liberal.

Clarke is, however, a Republican. Later in that article we read the words of a Republican consultant, on Bush’s accuser:

“I saw the parade of the victim’s families on the morning shows who all applauded him. He was the first person who took any responsibility. What that does is underscore his perception as a truth teller. I think the American people are paying attention to this episode.”

This is a stark contrast to Bush’s words that opened this piece, where he said of course he’d have done something had he known to do anything, whereas Clarke said that we didn’t do enough, that he didn’t do enough, that 9/11 was his fault.

We need more responsible people running our government.


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