Gay Marriage: Republican Wedge Issue

I read something on the BBC today that gave me hope. You know how John Kerry and John Edwards are scared to say anything nice about gay marriage because the Republicans would use it as a wedge issue to deny Democrats the bigotry vote? Well, the thing I read made the point that if Bush is going to come out, so to speak, on the Straight Marriage Amendment, then the rumors that he could replace Evil Dick Cheney with Gay-Friendly Hero of 9/11 Rudy Guliani were entirely pointless. And it occurred to me that, in this scenario, Gay Marriage could cost the Republicans the election.

It is hard to hold a big tent up when your specialty is driving wedges.

Yeah, well, I should get back to work. A little bit of reading for those interested:

If anyone is doing some sort of pink pride parade, I’m down with that.
If people want to love each other, I’m down with that.


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