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Since Monday, October 27:

    Total  Number Folder
    -----  ------ ------
   746632     233 .IN.tuna/
 40458402    2303 .spam/
 66014448    8323 /dev/null
  1144201     104 /home/djh/Mailbox
 24251285    1358 /home/djh/Maildir/
    51940      15 IN/tuna
  2470117     245 spam
    -----  ------
135137025   12583

Yup, 8,000 messages delivered directly to the trash upon arrival, and another 2,000 detained as likely spam. 1,400 messages deemed legitimate and routed to my mailbox. A lot of those are boring stuff like cron output and legitimate commercial e-mailings and news notifications and whatnot. I don’t actually have folks writing me 2,000 messages every few weeks.

You can also see a shift from mbox to Maildir. I’ve found that Thunderbird isn’t a bad e-mail client for offline, but Courier IMAP requires Maildir, so Maildir I use.

So, just in case this ends up in someone’s search, I’ll share the Thunderbird-Maildir portion of my .muttrc:

# Courier-imapd compatability
# Where does mutt look for subfolders?
set folder=$HOME/Maildir/
# Subfolders begin with '.' -- default value excludes these
set mask="^."
# Where do we store our ingoing / outgoing messages?
send-hook . "set record=$HOME/Maildir/.archive-`date +%Y-%m`/"
save-hook . =.archive-`date +%Y-%m`/
# This is compatible with Phoenix "Drafts" folder
set postponed=$HOME/Maildir/.Drafts
# Mailboxes
mailboxes ! =.IN.tuna =.spam

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