$1 Shirt

Today, before work, I started catching up with my checkbook. I cancelled my Discover Card, paid Dan some rent money, and back-ordered 401k statements. I had nearly $2,000 amassed in my account before I went and started writing checks with it. So it goes. I’m guessing my net worth is roughly -$6,000.

There’s a trendycoolretro thrift shop next door to the cafe, so before work I bought two shirts. One is lime green and has crazy patterns on it and cost me four or five dollars, and the other is black and groovy and cost $1 and has that thrift-store smell.


But I really need some pants. I’m down to one operational pair.

After work, I dropped by Mike & Molly’s and had myself a Kenyan beer. It was tasty.

And now, discipline willing, I can transcibe more of the Thailand journal.

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