Coast Guard Regulations

So, Saturday I attended the second-round interview for the ship-board catering position. “You’re a veteran, so you should be familiar with our drug-testing policy.” Round two was basically paperwork, before a three-hour mandatory safety-meeting, where all the company’s employees reviewed safety procedures, including “man overboard” and “fire” and other stuff. We went on a short cruise where the senior staff retrieved an imperiled PFD from the frigid waters of the bay. It was a pleasing ride in beautiful weather, and one of the older employees, a bartender, explained how it was handy to respond to difficult guests with the response, “Sorry, these are Coast Guard regulations.”

So, how do I, having formerly rejected an office job over drug testing rationalize my consent for a catering position? Easy: Coast Guard Regulations. While drug testing remains a pretty crappy way of safeguarding employee performance, some degree of paranoia is forgivable when the staff are charged with the safety of drunken guests in the frigid waters of the San Francisco Bay. I can also change my mind, if I like, once I’ve secured some other source of income.

The job search seems to be looking up a bit. I applied at a slightly creepy theme restaurant smack dab in the middle of the Fisherman’s Wharf tourist trap. Okay. Then truck it over to the Mission to apply for a position at a pizza restaurant that had a nice little homely feel about it. The guy seemed interested in my pizza-specific experience, explained that the owners were going to be changing something in the near future, and that he’d refer my application to them.

A few more places to visit tomorrow, then I have to ask the catering company about getting some hours under my belt, and eventually pester Zachary’s to see if they’ve reviewed my application yet. Other good news from Brian is that a chunk of forwarded letters has, at long last, arrived at Mountain View, including the bank statements I back-ordered! Yay!

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