Marc Andreessen Lacks Time, Ego Need

Marc Andreeson answers two questions in a recent interview:

Q Do you blog?

A No. I have a day job. I don’t have the time or ego need.

Q FCC Chairman Michael Powell calls TiVo “God’s machine.” What’s your equivalent?

A I have four Replay machines. Each has 360 hours of storage and they are plugged into my home LAN (local area network). I have 1,400 hours of video storage. What’s on it? All kinds of stuff, like the last 80 episodes of Charlie Rose.

So, he does not have the time or ego to put his thoughts on the web in a “blog” like what I’m doing here, but he does have the time to store 1,400 hours of television, including eighty hours of Charlie Rose, and the ego need to brag about it. This incredible visionary can at least offer that “four Replays” is his “equivalent” of “the TiVo”.

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