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A Good Day in Florence

Italian Fiats
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Whilst in Florence I could not keep my eyes off the cute little Fiats that were driving all over the place. Two are in this picture.

Umbrella Crowd
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An umbrella-toting crowd on the streets of Florence.

We decided to check out the Uffizi Gallery, but the line was long and nasty, so we gave it a pass. We wandered through more rain, checking out the funky Ponte Vechio, a bridge over the Arno River with little jewelry shops growing off of its sides. Janet has a degree in Horticuture, and wanted to check out the Giardino di Boboli, across the river. Through the rain we wandered, uphill, uphill … to Piazzale Michelangelo, where we were afforded pretty, overcast views of Florence. We continued wandering across the south hill, looking for the garden, but when we finally found it, it was closed, as we continued our wide arc through the South of the city, back North across the river, and home to the hotel.

That evening we stumbled on a splendid little restaurant where we ate very well for 12€ each from the tourist menu, which earned us two courses, a side dish, dessert, wine, and bread. This experience was an extremely pleasant conclusion to our last evening in Florence.

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